End foreclosure worries once and for all

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If you are facing possible foreclosure, first and foremost, know this – you are not alone. In 2015, Long Island foreclosures rose 63% to roughly 40,000 cases. That’s a lot of people, friends, and families struggling to return to their normal way of life and end foreclosure worries.

Peace of mind. It’s not lost forever.

Whether you’re recently retired or divorced, unemployed or going through job relocation, late on taxes or experiencing financial distress, the road to recovery begins with a single step. Let’s begin by dropping that dead weight from off your shoulders. Forget about the missed payments, the never-ending bank notices, and the growing guilt you may be feeling from being in this position. The past cannot be changed. The future, however, has peace of mind written all over it.

So now that you’re here, what comes next?

This is best answered by defining your options.

As a current homeowner, you always have the ability to discuss redefining payments with your bank. While you can do this on your own, it’s often best to have a professional negotiate on your behalf. Sometimes, these lending institutions are willing to make allowances for delinquent payments (believe it or not, banks hate defaulting on mortgages as much as you do!). More often than not, however, banks are as they’re made out to be in the news – cold and calculating.

If renegotiating isn’t a viable solution, the next best option is a cash offer. Before we even dive into the shark-infested waters of cash buyouts, it is extremely important to choose your offer wisely, and even more importantly, the person making the offer. Most cash-friendly ‘businessmen’ will try and take advantage of your situation, preying on your predicament and offering you less than you deserve. Go with your instincts – usually, your gut can tell if someone has your best interests at heart. Businesses like Globalized Realty Group, who have helped many Long Island families out of difficult financial situations, are known for putting their client’s interest ahead of their own.

Seek out companies like them whose selfless nature guarantees you the best offer, the least worries, and the promise of renegotiating rates on your behalf (if the banks are willing to play ball).

Now that we’ve identified the type of people to work with, let’s discuss why a cash offer can be your best bet. If you’re in foreclosure, you already know that this is a situation you want to be done with as quickly as possible. While renegotiating terms with your bank could be a solution to keeping your home, often times it’s best to give yourself a clean start. Cash offers free you from the burdens of your previous home, affording you the opportunity to start fresh and budget your desires accordingly. Imagine the peace of mind that’ll come with purchasing a new home within your expenses, while also having money left over for rainy days.

The beauty of a cash offer is in its simplicity. Let’s call you Party A, the bank Party B, and the cash offer Party C. Party C makes the cash offer to Party A, and upon acceptance, Party A transfers ownership of their house to Party C. Party A is now cleared of their mortgage responsibilities, while Party C assumes all mortgage payments owed to Party B from that moment on. Party A is now able to use that cash to buy a home within their budget, save some money for other expenses, and officially free themselves from the burdens of past mistakes.

End foreclosure worries

With the right cash offer from the right person, you can finally reward yourself with a clean slate, money in the bank, and limitless opportunities to do things the way you always wanted.

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